Nicoletta Fala, Ph.D.

Aerospace Engineering Assistant Professor @ OKState, Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor



I am in the process of preparing a workbook for the members of Purdue Pilots, Inc. to help them study and prepare for the PPL written test. This is a work in progress that I hope to complete in the next week. Here's a draft in its present condition! Please email me if you would like to use it for your flying club!


I prepared the following lesson plans while working towards my CFI-A. Some of them may be incomplete or erroneous.

Area of Operation I -- Fundamentals of Instruction

Task A: Human Behavior and Effective Communication
Task B: The Learning Process
Task C: The Teaching Process
Task D: Assessment and Critique
Task E: Instructor Responsibilities and Professionalism
Task F: Techniques of Flight Instruction (Powerpoint slides available.)
Task G: Risk Management

Area of Operation II -- Technical Subject Areas

Task A: Aeromedical Factors
Task B: Runway Incursion Avoidance
Task C: Visual Scanning and Collision Avoidance
Task D: Principles of Flight
Task E: Airplane Flight Controls (Powerpoint slides available.)
Task F: Airplane Weight and Balance
Task G: Navigation and Flight Planning
Task H: Night Operations
Task I: High Altitude Operations
Task J: 14 CFR and Publications
Task K: National Airspace System
Task L: Navigation Systems and Radar Services
Task M: Logbook Entries and Certificate Endorsements

Area of Operation III -- Preflight Preparation

Word of caution: this Area of Operation still needs quite a bit of work...

Task A: Certificates and Documents
Task B: Weather Information
Task C: Operation of Systems (Powerpoint slides available.)
Task D: Performance and Limitations
Task E: Airworthiness Requirements

Area of Operation IV -- Preflight Lesson on a Maneuver to be Performed in Flight

This Area of Operation uses lesson plans from other Areas. Refer to Areas of Operation VII to XII.

Area of Operation V -- Preflight Procedures

Tasks E and F refer to Seaplane operations--not covered here.

Task A: Preflight Inspection
Task B: Cockpit Management
Task C: Engine Starting
Task D: Taxiing
Task G: Before Takeoff Check

Area of Operation X -- Ground Reference Maneuver